pub trait Vst3Plugin: Plugin {
    const VST3_CLASS_ID: [u8; 16];
    const VST3_SUBCATEGORIES: &'static [Vst3SubCategory];
    const PLATFORM_VST3_CLASS_ID: [u8; 16] = _;
Available on crate feature vst3 only.
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Provides auxiliary metadata needed for a VST3 plugin.

Required Associated Constants§


const VST3_CLASS_ID: [u8; 16]

The unique class ID that identifies this particular plugin. You can use the *b"fooofooofooofooo" syntax for this.

This will be shuffled into a different byte order on Windows for project-compatibility.


const VST3_SUBCATEGORIES: &'static [Vst3SubCategory]

One or more subcategories. The host may use these to categorize the plugin. Internally this slice will be converted to a string where each character is separated by a pipe character (|). This string has a limit of 127 characters, and anything longer than that will be truncated.

Provided Associated Constants§


const PLATFORM_VST3_CLASS_ID: [u8; 16] = _

VST3_CLASS_ID in the correct order for the current platform so projects and presets can be shared between platforms. This should not be overridden.