Module nih_plug_iced::widgets

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Widgets and utilities for making widgets to integrate iced with NIH-plug.


None of these widgets are finalized, and their sizes or looks can change at any point. Feel free to copy the widgets and modify them to your personal taste.



  • A simple generic UI widget that renders all parameters in a Params object as a scrollable list of sliders and labels.
  • A slider that integrates with NIH-plug’s Param types.
  • A super simple peak meter widget.
  • Utilities for creating these widgets.


  • A message to update a parameter value. Since NIH-plug manages the parameters, interacting with parameter values with iced works a little different from updating any other state. This main IcedEditor should have a Message variant containing this ParamMessage. When it receives one of those messages, it can pass it through to self.handle_param_message().