pub fn nih_export_standalone<P: Plugin>() -> bool
Available on crate feature standalone only.
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Open an NIH-plug plugin as a standalone application. If the plugin has an editor, this will open the editor and block until the editor is closed. Otherwise this will block until SIGINT is received. This is mainly useful for quickly testing plugin GUIs. In order to use this, you will first need to make your plugin’s main struct pub and expose a lib artifact in addition to your plugin’s cdylib:

# Cargo.toml

# The `lib` artifact is needed for the standalone target
crate-type = ["cdylib", "lib"]

You can then create a src/ file that calls this function:

// src/

use nih_plug::prelude::*;

use plugin_name::PluginName;

fn main() {

By default this will connect to the ‘default’ audio and MIDI ports. Use the command line options to change this. --help lists all available options.

If the wrapped plugin fails to initialize or throws an error during audio processing, then this function will return false.