Module nih_plug::wrapper

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Wrappers for different plugin types. Each wrapper has an entry point macro that you can pass the name of a type that implements Plugin to. The macro will handle the rest.


  • standalonestandalone
    A standalone plugin target that directly connects to the system’s audio and MIDI ports instead of relying on a plugin host. This is mostly useful for quickly testing GUI changes.
  • Utilities for saving a crate::plugin::Plugin’s state. The actual state object is also exposed to plugins through the GuiContext.
  • vst3vst3


  • Set up the logger so that the nih_*!() logging and assertion macros log output to a centralized location and panics also get written there. By default this logs to STDERR. If a Windows debugger is attached, then messages will be sent there instead. This uses NIH-log. See the readme there for more information.