pub trait InitContext<P: Plugin> {
    // Required methods
    fn plugin_api(&self) -> PluginApi;
    fn execute(&self, task: P::BackgroundTask);
    fn set_latency_samples(&self, samples: u32);
    fn set_current_voice_capacity(&self, capacity: u32);
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Callbacks the plugin can make while it is being initialized. This is passed to the plugin during Plugin::initialize().

Required Methods§


fn plugin_api(&self) -> PluginApi

Get the current plugin API.


fn execute(&self, task: P::BackgroundTask)

Run a task directly on this thread. This ensures that the task has finished executing before the plugin finishes initializing.


There is no asynchronous alternative for this function as that may result in incorrect behavior when doing offline rendering.


fn set_latency_samples(&self, samples: u32)

Update the current latency of the plugin. If the plugin is currently processing audio, then this may cause audio playback to be restarted.


fn set_current_voice_capacity(&self, capacity: u32)

Set the current voice capacity for this plugin (so not the number of currently active voices). This may only be called if ClapPlugin::CLAP_POLY_MODULATION_CONFIG is set. capacity must be between 1 and the configured maximum capacity. Changing this at runtime allows the host to better optimize polyphonic modulation, or to switch to strictly monophonic modulation when dropping the capacity down to 1.