Module nih_plug::audio_setup

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Types and definitions surrounding a plugin’s audio IO setup.


  • A description of a plugin’s audio IO configuration. The Plugin defines a list of supported audio IO configs, with the first one acting as the default layout. Depending on the plugin API, the host may pick a different configuration from the list and use that instead. The final chosen configuration is passed as an argument to the Plugin::initialize() function so the plugin can allocate its data structures based on the number of audio channels it needs to process.
  • Contains auxiliary (sidechain) input and output buffers for a process call.
  • Configuration for (the host’s) audio buffers.
  • Contains names for the ports defined in an AudioIOLayout. Setting these is optional, but it makes working with multi-output plugins much more convenient.



  • Construct a NonZeroU32 value at compile time. Equivalent to NonZeroU32::new(n).unwrap().